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Potted Hedging Plants

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Buxus sempevirens  2L
Buxus sempevirens-2L. average height 20-30 cm..
Buxus sempevirens  4L
Buxus sempevirens-4L. Average Height 30-40cm..
Chamaecyparis Law. Leylandii  2L
Chamaecyparis Law. Leylandii-2L. Average Height 60-90cm..
Copper Beech 'Fagus Syl. Atropurpurea'  1.5L
Copper Beech 'Fagus Syl. Atropurpurea'-1.5L. Average Height 60-90cm..
Copper Beech 'Fagus Syl. Atropurpurea'  4L
Copper Beech 'Fagus Syl. Atropurpurea'-4L. Average Height 90-120cm..
Cupressus Castlewellan Gold  2L
Cupressus Castlewellan Gold-2L. Average Height 60-90cm..
Cupressus Castlewellan Gold  7.5L
Cupressus Castlewellan Gold-7.5L. Average Height 150-180cm..
Cupressus Gold Crest 7.5L
Cupressus Gold Crest 7.5L. Average Height 90-120cm..
Cupressus Gold Rider  2L
Cupressus Gold Rider-2L. Average Height 60-90cm..
Cupressus Gold Rider  5L
Cupressus Gold Rider-5L. Average Height 90-120cm..
Cupressus Gold Rider 10L
Cupressus Gold Rider 10L. Average Height 150-180cm..
Cupressus Goldcrest  7.5L
Cupressus Goldcrest-7.5L Average Height 90-120cm..
Escallonia Macrantha  2L
Escallonia Macrantha-2L. Average Height 40-60cm..
Golden Privet 'Ligustrum Ovalifolium Aureum'  2L
Golden Privet 'Ligustrum Ovalifolium Aureum'-2L. Average Height 30-40cm..
Golden Privet 5L
Golden Privet 5L. Average Height 60-90cm..
Green Beech Fagus Sylvatica 3L
Green Beech Fagus Sylvatica Average Height 60-90 cm..
Green Privet 2L
Green Privet 2L. Average Height 40-60cm..
Griselinia Littoralis 5L
Griselinia Littoralis 5L. Average Height 90-120cm..
Ilex Aquifolium Holly 2L
Ilex Aquifolium Holly 2L. Average Height 60-90cm..
Laurel 'Prunus Caucasica'  5L
Laurel 'Prunus Caucasica'-5L. Average height 120-150cm..
Laurel 'Prunus Rotundifolia'  10x10
Laurel 'Prunus Rotundifolia'-10x10. Average Height 120-150cm Bushy..
Laurel 'Prunus Rotundifolia'  3L
Laurel 'Prunus Rotundifolia'-3L. Average Height 60-90cm..
Laurel 'Prunus Rotundifolia'  5L
Laurel 'Prunus Rotundifolia'-5L. Average height 90-120cm...
Laurel Prunus Rotundifolia 1L
Laurel Prunus Rotundifolia 1L. Average height 60-90cm..
Laurel Prunus Rotundifolia 2L
Laurel Prunus Rotundifolia 2L. Average height 60-90cm..
Laurel Prunus Rotundifolia 7.5L
Laurel Prunus Rotundifolia 7.5L. Average height 120-150cm..
Portuguese Laurel 'Prunus Angustifolia'  2L
Portuguese Laurel 'Prunus Angustifolia'-2L. Average height 30-40cm..
Portuguese Laurel 1L
Portuguese Laurel 1L. Average height 20-30cm..
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