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Acer Crimson King 10x10
Acer Crimson King 10x10 240-300 cm..
Acer Crimson King 7.5L
Acer Crimson King 7.5L 210-240 cm..
Acer Crimson King 9x9
Acer Crimson King 9x9 240-300 cm..
Acer Drumondii 9x9
Acer Drumondii 9x9 240-300 cm..
Acer little miss ruby 20L
Acer little miss ruby 20L 150 cm..
Acer Spaethiii 9x9
Acer Spaethiii 9x9 210-240 cm..
Aesculus Briottii 9x9
Aesculus Briottii 9x9 180 cm..
Alder (common) 'Alnus Glutinosa'
Alder (common) 'Alnus Glutinosa' Height is approximately 60-90cm..
Alder (Italian) 'Alnus Cordata'
Alder (Italian) 'Alnus Cordata' Height is approximately 90-120cm..
Amalanchier Ballerina 9x9
Amalanchier Ballerina 9x9 180-210 cm..
Amalanchier Robin hill 9x9
Amalanchier Robin hill 9x9 180-210 cm..
Berberis 'Rose Glow' 2L
2 Litre Average height 15-20cm..
Betula jaquemontii 10L
Betula jaquemontii 10L 240-260 cm..
Betula pendula youngii 12L
Betula pendula youngii 12L 180-210 cm..
Buxus sempevirens  2L
Buxus sempevirens-2L. average height 20-30 cm..
Buxus sempevirens  4L
Buxus sempevirens-4L. Average Height 30-40cm..
Carex 'Elata Aurea' 2L
2Litre Average height 20-30cm..
Carex 'Evergold' 2L
2 Litre Average height 15-20cm..
Chamaecyparis Law. Leylandii  2L
Chamaecyparis Law. Leylandii-2L. Average Height 60-90cm..
Choisya 'Sundance'
2 Litre Average height 20-30cm..
Copper Beech 'Fagus Syl. Atropurpurea'  1.5L
Copper Beech 'Fagus Syl. Atropurpurea'-1.5L. Average Height 60-90cm..
Copper Beech 'Fagus Syl. Atropurpurea'  4L
Copper Beech 'Fagus Syl. Atropurpurea'-4L. Average Height 90-120cm..
Cordyline 'Australis' 2L
2 Litre Average height 30-40cm..
Cordyline 'Australis' 5L
5 Litre Average height 40-50cm..
Cordyline 'Red star' 2L
2 Litre Average height 30-40cm..
Cosmo green wheelbarrow(90L)
One piece frame. 90L green polypropylene tray..
Cotoneaster 'Damerii' 2L
2 Litre low Ground cover  aproximate height 10cm..
Cotoneaster 'Lacteus' 2L
2 Litre Average height 60-90cm..
Cotoneaster Pendula 9x9
Cotoneaster Pendula 9x9 150-180 cm..
Cotoneaster rothschildianus 15L
Cotoneaster rothschildianus 15L 210-240 cm..
Cratageus pauls scarlet 1/2std
Cratageus pauls scarlet 1/2std 210-240 cm..
Cupressus Castlewellan Gold  2L
Cupressus Castlewellan Gold-2L. Average Height 60-90cm..
Cupressus Castlewellan Gold  7.5L
Cupressus Castlewellan Gold-7.5L. Average Height 150-180cm..
Cupressus Gold Crest 7.5L
Cupressus Gold Crest 7.5L. Average Height 90-120cm..
Cupressus Gold Rider  2L
Cupressus Gold Rider-2L. Average Height 60-90cm..
Cupressus Gold Rider  5L
Cupressus Gold Rider-5L. Average Height 90-120cm..
Cupressus Gold Rider 10L
Cupressus Gold Rider 10L. Average Height 150-180cm..
Cupressus Goldcrest  7.5L
Cupressus Goldcrest-7.5L Average Height 90-120cm..
Eleagnus' Ebbingei' 2L
2 Litre Average height 30-40cm..
Escallonia 'Red Dream' 2L
2 Litre Average height 30-40cm..
Escallonia Macrantha  2L
Escallonia Macrantha-2L. Average Height 40-60cm..
Euonymus 'Alatus' 2L
2 Litre Average height 30-40cm..
Euonymus 'Blondy' 2L
2 Litre Average height 20-30cm..
Euonymus 'Emeral&Gold' 2L
2 Litre Average height 15-20cm..
Fagus sylatica atropurpurea 10x10
Fagus sylatica atropurpurea 10x10 210 cm..
Fagus sylvatica 7.5L
Fagus sylvatica 7.5L 180 cm..
Fagus sylvatica atropurpurea 7.5L
Fagus sylvatica atropurpurea 7.5L 180 cm..
Fagus sylvatica dawyks purple 15L
Fagus sylvatica dawyks purple 15L 180-210 cm..
Fagus sylvatica purpurea pendula 10L
Fagus sylvatica purpurea pendula 10L 210-240 cm..
Fagus sylvatica riversii 10L
Fagus sylvatica riversii 10L 210-240 cm..
Fagus sylvatica rohanii 12L
Fagus sylvatica rohanii 12L 210-240 cm..
Felco flower snips NO310
For light pruning and flower gathering, slender profile blades..
Felco light pruner NO300
Lightweight pruner, stainles steel blades, soft spring..
Felco saw NO611
Saw with plastic handle, pleasant to hold with a good grip...
Felco Secateurs NO 2
Classic model, Blade with a wire cutting notch...
Felco secateurs NO 4
Standard Model. Length 210mm, weight 220g..
Felco Secateurs NO 6
Light compact model. Length 195mm, Weight 210g..
Flower Carpet Rose 'Red Velvet'
Flower Carpet 'Red Velvet' 3 Litre..
fuchsia 'Alice Hoffman' 2L
2 Litre Average height 20-30cm..
Fuchsia 'Army Nurse' 2L
2 Litre Average height 20-30cm..
Fuchsia 'Genii' 2L
2 Litre Average height 20-30cm..
Fuchsia 'Mrs Popple' 2L
2 Litre Average height 20-30cm..
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