Jun 212012

Achillea Tomentosa Goldie – This Achillea species, also known as Wooly yarrow, is a small hardy perennial from southern Europe and western Asia with distinctive gray-green leaves that are lined with so many chubby leaflets that they look almost wooly. The leaves spread close to the ground in a thick, mussy mat from which flower stems rise, topped with a dense cluster of small yellow flowers. Bloom starts in early summer and continues to early fall.

Wooly yarrow has several uses:it can make a thick, flowering groundcover, it can provide summer color in a mixed bed, especially planted in a swath of three or four plants, or it can provide contrasting leaf color and texture among mostly green neighbors. It prefers full sun, well-drained soil, and good moisture. Deadheading encourages more flowering.

Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Sun.
Height: 10″-14″ / 25.4cm – 35.6cm (12).
Width: 16″-20″ / 40.6cm – 50.8cm (18).