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Acer Crimson King 10x10
Acer Crimson King 10x10 240-300 cm..
Acer Crimson King 7.5L
Acer Crimson King 7.5L 210-240 cm..
Acer Crimson King 9x9
Acer Crimson King 9x9 240-300 cm..
Acer Drumondii 9x9
Acer Drumondii 9x9 240-300 cm..
Acer little miss ruby 20L
Acer little miss ruby 20L 150 cm..
Acer Rubrum October Glory 9x9
Acer Rubrum October Glory 9x9 240-300 cm..
Acer Spaethiii 9x9
Acer Spaethiii 9x9 210-240 cm..
Acerfreemanii Jeffersred9x9
Acerfreemanii Jeffersred9x9 240-300 cm..
Aesculus Briottii 9x9
Aesculus Briottii 9x9 180 cm..
Alder (common) 'Alnus Glutinosa'
Alder (common) 'Alnus Glutinosa' Height is approximately 60-90cm..
Alder (Italian) 'Alnus Cordata'
Alder (Italian) 'Alnus Cordata' Height is approximately 125-150cm..
Amalanchier 'Canadensis'
Amalanchier 'Canadensis' Height is approximately 60-90cm..
Amalanchier Ballerina 9x9
Amalanchier Ballerina 9x9 180-210 cm..
Amalanchier Robin hill 9x9
Amalanchier Robin hill 9x9 180-210 cm..
Azalea 'Mothers Day' 2L
2 Litre. Average height  10-15cm..
Berberis 'Darwinii Nana' 2L
2 litre. Average height 10-15cm..
Berberis 'Darwinii' 2L
2 Litre Average height 10-15cm..
Berberis 'Rose Glow' 2L
2 Litre Average height 15-20cm..
Berberis Thun. 'Atropurpurea'
Berberis Thun. 'Atropurpurea' Height is approximately 60-90cm..
Betula ermanii 9x9
Betula ermanii 9x9 240-260 cm..
Betula jaquemontii 10L
Betula jaquemontii 10L 240-260 cm..
Betula pendula youngii 12L
Betula pendula youngii 12L 180-210 cm..
Birch 'Betula Pubescens'
Birch 'Betula Pubescens' Height is approximately 100-125cm..
Blackthorn 'Prunus Spinosa'
Blackthorn 'Prunus Spinosa' Height is approximately 40-60cm..
Buxus 'Sempervirens'
Buxus 'sempervirens' Height is approximately 25-30cm..
Buxus sempevirens  2L
Buxus sempevirens-2L. average height 20-30 cm..
Buxus sempevirens  4L
Buxus sempevirens-4L. Average Height 30-40cm..
Carex 'Elata Aurea' 2L
2Litre Average height 20-30cm..
Carex 'Evergold' 2L
2 Litre Average height 15-20cm..
Castasnea satvia 9x9
Castasnea satvia 9x9 210-240 cm..
Ceonothus 'Skylark' 2L
2 Litre Average height 20-30cm..
Chamaecyparis Law. Leylandii  2L
Chamaecyparis Law. Leylandii-2L. Average Height 60-90cm..
ChamaecyparisLaw. Leylandii 10L
ChamaecyparisLaw. Leylandii 10L. Average Height 180-210cm..
ChamaecyparisLaw. Leylandii 7.5L
ChamaecyparisLaw. Leylandii 7.5L. Average Height 125-150cm..
Choisya 'Sundance'
2 Litre Average height 20-30cm..
Common Laurel 'P.Rotundifolia'
common Laurel 'P.Rotundifolia' Height is approximately 60-90cm..
Copper Beech 'Fagus Syl. Atropurpurea'  1.5L
Copper Beech 'Fagus Syl. Atropurpurea'-1.5L. Average Height 60-90cm..
Copper Beech 'Fagus Syl. Atropurpurea'  4L
Copper Beech 'Fagus Syl. Atropurpurea'-4L. Average Height 90-120cm..
Copper Beech 'Fagus sylvatica atropurpurea'
Copper Beech 'Fagus sylvatica atropurpurea' Height is approximately 125-150cm..
Cordyline 'Australis' 2L
2 Litre Average height 30-40cm..
Cordyline 'Australis' 5L
5 Litre Average height 40-50cm..
Cordyline 'Red star' 2L
2 Litre Average height 30-40cm..
Cornus 'Alba aurea'
Cornus 'Alba aurea' Height is approximately 90-120cm..
Cornus 'Alba siberica variegata'
Cornus 'Alba siberica variegata' Height is approximately 90-120cm..
Cornus 'Alba siberica'
Cornus 'Alba siberica' Height is approximately 90-120cm..
Cornus 'Alba spaethii'
Cornus 'Alba spaethii' Height is approximately 90-120cm..
Cornus 'Alba'
Cornus 'Alba' Height is approximately 90-120cm..
Cornus Stol. 'Flaviramea'
Cornus Stol. 'Flaviramea' Height is approximately 40-60cm..
Corylus 'Avellana'
Corylus 'Avellana' Height is approximately 60-90cm..
Cosmo green wheelbarrow(90L)
One piece frame. 90L green polypropylene tray..
Cotoneaster 'Damerii' 2L
2 Litre low Ground cover  aproximate height 10cm..
Cotoneaster 'Franchettii'
Cotoneaster 'Franchettii' Height is approximately 60-90cm..
Cotoneaster 'Lacteus' 2L
2 Litre Average height 60-90cm..
Cotoneaster Pendula 9x9
Cotoneaster Pendula 9x9 150-180 cm..
Cotoneaster rothschildianus 15L
Cotoneaster rothschildianus 15L 210-240 cm..
Crab Apple 'Malus sylvestris'
Crab Apple 'Malus Sylvestris' Height is approximately 60-90cm..
Cratageus pauls scarlet 1/2std
Cratageus pauls scarlet 1/2std 210-240 cm..
Cratageus pauls scarlet 7.5L
Cratageus pauls scarlet 7.5L 210-240 cm..
Cupressus Castlewellan Gold  2L
Cupressus Castlewellan Gold-2L. Average Height 60-90cm..
Cupressus Castlewellan Gold  7.5L
Cupressus Castlewellan Gold-7.5L. Average Height 150-180cm..
Cupressus Gold Crest 7.5L
Cupressus Gold Crest 7.5L. Average Height 90-120cm..
Cupressus Gold Rider  2L
Cupressus Gold Rider-2L. Average Height 60-90cm..
Cupressus Gold Rider  5L
Cupressus Gold Rider-5L. Average Height 90-120cm..
Cupressus Gold Rider 10L
Cupressus Gold Rider 10L. Average Height 150-180cm..
Cupressus Goldcrest  7.5L
Cupressus Goldcrest-7.5L Average Height 90-120cm..
Cytissus 'Goldfinch' 2L
2 Litre Average height 20-30cm..
Cytissus 'Killiney Red' 2L
2 Litre Average height 20-30cm..
Cytissus 'Lena' 2L
2 Litre Average height 20-30cm..
Cytissus 'Praecox Albus' 2L
2 Litre Average height 20-30cm..
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