Potted Conifers


Note: As our Stock is currently changing throughout the year, we may have the plants you need, even though they are not listed here. Please phone us to find out more including prices. All products listed below have a pot capacity indicating the size of plant available…

Cedrus Atlantica Glauca 10L
Cedrus Deodara 12L
Cedrus deodara Aurea 15L
Chamaecyparis Law. Ivonne 2L
Chamaecyparis Law. Ivonne 5L
Chamaecyparis Law. minima Aurea 1.5L
Chamaecyparis Law. minima Glauca 1.5L
Chamaecyparis Law. Stardust 15L
Chamaecyparis Law. Stardust 2L
Chamaecyparis Obtusa nana Gracilis 2L
Chamaecyparis pisfera. Boulevard 2L
Chamaecyparis pisfera. Filifera Aurea 2L
Cupressus Mac. Goldcrest 2L
Cupressus Mac. Goldcrest 5L
Cupressus Wilma 2L

Juniper communis Compressa 2L
Juniperus communis Repanda 2L
Juniperus scopulorum Blue Arrow 2L
Juniperus scopulorum Skyrocket 2L
Juniperus squamata ‘Blue Carpet’ 2L
Juniperus squamata ‘Blue Star’ 2L

Larix Decidia 10L

Picea abies Conica 2L
Picea abies Nidiformis 3L
Pinus mugo Pumilio 2L
Pinus Wallichiana 12L

Taxus baccatta 4L
Taxus baccatta Fastigiata 2L
Taxus baccatta ‘Fastigiata Aurea’ 2L
Taxus Summergold 5L
Thuja occ. Brabant 2L
Thuja occidentalis Danica 2L
Thuja occidentalis Hetz Midget 1.5L
Thuja occidentalis Holmstrup 2L
Thuja occidentalis Holmstrup 5L
Thuja occidentalis Rheingold 2L
Thuja occidentalis Rheingold 5L
Thuja occidentalis Sunkist 2L
Thuja occidentalis Sunkist 5L
Thuja occidentalis Teddy 2L
Thuja occidentalis Tiny Tim 2L
Thuja orientalis Aurea Nana 2L
Thuja orientalis Plicata Excelsa 2L
Thuja orientalis Plicata Excelsa 5L
Thuja plicata Atrovirens 2L
Thuja Smaragd Emerald 12L
Thuja Smaragd Emerald 20L
Thuja Smaragd Emerald 2L
Thuja Smaragd Emerald 5L