Fruit & Soft Fruit


Note: As our Stock is currently changing throughout the year, we may have the plants you need, even though they are not listed here. Please phone us to find out more including prices. All products listed below have a pot capacity indicating the size of plant available…

Fruit Trees

Malus d. Beauty of Bath Bushes 2yr.
Malus d. Bramley Seedling Bushes 2yr.
Malus d. Cox’s Orange Pippin Bushes 2yr.
Malus d. Discovery Bushes 2yr.
Malus d. Egremont Russet 2yr.
Malus d. Elstar Bushes 2yr.
Malus d. Golden Delicious Bushes 2yr.
Malus d. Granny Smith Bushes 2yr.
Malus d. Greensleeves 2yr.
Malus d. Grenadier 2yr.
Malus d. Howgate Wonder 2yr.
Malus d. Idared Bushes 2yr.
Malus d. James Grieve Bushes 2yr.
Malus d. Jonagold Bushes 2yr.
Malus d. Katja Bushes 2yr.
Malus d. Laxton’s Superb Bushes 2yr.
Malus d. Lombarts Calville 2yr.
Malus d.Spartan Bushes 2yr.
Malus d. Winston Bushes 2yr.

Prunus Damson 2yr.
Prunus Early Rivers 2yr.
Prunus Mirabelle de Nancy Bushes 2yr.
Prunus Opal 2yr.
Prunus Reine Claude d’Oullins 2yr.
Prunus Reine Claude Verte 2yr.
Prunus Stella 2yr.
Prunus Victoria 2yr.
Pyrus comm. Beurre Hardy 2yr.
Pyrus comm. Clapps Favourite 2yr.
Pyrus comm. Conference 2yr.
Pyrus comm. Doyenne du Commice 2yr.
Pyrus comm. Williams 2yr.
Pyrus Concorde 2yr.

Soft Fruit

Ficus Brown Turkey 40-60

Lycium Bar. Gojiberry 50-70

Ribes Nigrum Ben Nevis 3-5 SH
Ribes Nigrum Ben Sarek 3-5 SH
Ribes Red Lake 3-5 SH
Ribes Rubrum Rondon Red 3-5 SH
Ribes Rubrum White Versailles 3-5 SH
Ribes Uva Crispa Invicta 3-5 SH
Ribes Uva crispa Whinhams Industry 3-5 SH
Ribes Wellington xxx 3-5 SH
Ribes Whitesmith 3-5 SH
Rubus Autumn Bliss Cane
Rubus Fruitosus Waldo 50-70
Rubus Loganberry 50-70
Rubus Malling Promise Cane
Rubus Tayberry 50-70

Vaccinium Cor. Bluecrop 40-60