Jul 222014

Summer sale 2

To Celebrate 35 years in business we are having a summer sale lots of colourful stock to choose from.

Apr 292014

 Let us do the work!!!


We are now taking orders on Refilling your empty Hanging baskets, window boxes, & planters.

All our planters are done to the highest standard, and are full of top quality flowering bedding.


Apr 292014

                                       Summer bedding time!!!


Summer bedding time has arrived! What better way to brighten up your home than with some beautiful full flowering-summer hanging baskets, pots and window boxes.Bedding Planters


Here are a few tips on getting your bedding looking great and keeping it flowering right through the summer and well into the autumn.


Four most important things to remember: WATERING, FEEDING, PESTS & DEAD -HEADING.


Watering: do not allow your bedding to dry out. If you are planning on going away for a few days at a time during the summer make sure your baskets etc are planted in compost that has water retaining gel included alternatively you can mix in some water retaining crystals into your ordinary compost.

Take care not to over water also. Geraniums or begonias do not like a lot of water.

Top tip: avoid watering directly on top of open flowers water in underneath them.


Feeding: for best results all through the summer feed your hanging baskets, pots and boxes. General rule of thumb is to feed every two weeks at the start of the summer and coming nearer the later months you could increase feed to once a week.  Tomato feed, miracle gro, or the One are all good reliables and easy to add to your watering can when your watering.


Pests: Pests are very easily controlled once you are prepared. Slugs and greenfly are usually the main offenders. If you are planting out into a bed make sure to put down slug pellets around the perimeter, and possibly some around lower pots or window boxes. To combat greenfly any good pesticide will do the job. 


Dead-heading: when you are out admiring your beautiful bedding keep an eye out for old flowers finishing flowering, make sure to dead-head, that is, pick/pinch out the old flowers. This allows new flowers to flourish, and keeps your baskets looking fresh. 


There are a few ways to introduce a splash of summer bedding into your home this summer. You could plant up a flower bed, freshen up old pots, introduce some bedding into existing shrub beds/borders to lift with some colour or add some new pots and baskets.


Beds/borders: The most effective bedding to use in beds and borders would be; bedding begonias, marigolds,anthuriums, salvias, bizzy lizzies,petunias, dahlias, violas, stock, pansy, geraniums. For edging around borders use upright lobelia and alyssum. When planting be creative, have fun. You could mass plant one variety or colour of bedding alternatively for a less formal look you could plant a mixture in the same area. Remember to put down and top up your slug pellets!


Shaded borders/beds: Bedding suited best for shaded beds/borders would be bedding begonias.

Pots: Freshen up old pots at home by introducing some colourful bedding plants or intorduce new pots around your home for a great splash of colour. Bedding for pots can be varied. Great trailers include, bacopa white/blue, nepeta, lysmachia, surfinias (trailing petunias) in a variety of colours, verbena in variety of colours, trailing geraniums, lobelia and alysum. For heights in the centre of the pot, geraniums, osteospermum (daisy) in variety of colour and dahlias are great. To fill in between the trailers bedding such such as violas, bizzy lizzes or any of the above mentioned provide great spce fillers and colour.Bedding Planters 3


Most importantly, bedding provides a lovely splash of colour to enjoy. Be imaginative; enjoy planning, planting and sitting back to admire them.

Apr 152014

Originating from Japan the flowering cherry has become an instantly recognizable and popular tree in Ireland.

From late April into May no other tree dominates the landscape quite like the flowering Cherry. We have all heard the comments “sure the flower only last a couple of weeks”. Yes, but what flowers as they illuminate the countryside as they explode into colour. “Certainly worth waiting for”. While the flowers dominate the tree in spring, it is the foliage, which dominates in autumn with most cherries turning a beautiful Red and Yellow in the fall of the year.

The shape and size of the tree is very important for each individual garden, with this in mind here are six of the best.

Prunus Kanzan:

Traditional known as “ The flowering cherry” this cherry is probably the best known and the most widely planted flowering cherry in Ireland.

It is strong growing with a vase like habit. Spring foliage is Coppery-Red later turning dark Green with fantastic autumn colour turning Gold, Pink or Red.

However it is for its beautiful profusion of large and showey double Pink flowers in late April early May that this tree is planted in such large numbers.

 Prunus Amanogawa:

Also known as “The flagpole Cherry”. Erect habit with vertical branches that are covered in April / May with large clusters of pale Pink flowers. Ideal tree for a small garden or for adding height to the border.

Prunus Cheals Weeping:

Also known as “The weeping Cherry”. Small growing tree with drooping branches covered in deep Pink fully double flowers in April/ May. Perfect for small garden.

Prunus Shirotae:

Arching habit with wide spreading branches that carry single or semi-double fragrant White flowers in April/ May. Low growing 3 meters but needs space as it has a spread of 5 meters. Ideal tree to brighten up a dark corner.

Prunus Shirofugen:

Majestic large tree that is perfect as a lawn specimen. Pink buds that open to double White flowers on Bronze foliage that later turns Green then Orange in autumn. Slightly late to flower. Nearly always in May.


Prunus Tai-Haku:

Known as “The great White Cherry”. Large growing tree with upright habit that has masses of dazzling snow White flowers in April/ May.



Jan 032014

There’s always something to be doing in the garden, whether it’s pruning, tidying or sowing. January can be the coolest month but on a bright day wrap up well and take yourself out it will benefit you and your garden.


Now is the perfect time to plant bare-root trees and hedging. Plants are still dormant and by planting now you are giving them every chance of being successful, as the root system of the plant will begin to establish straight away. This means that when the growing season begins your plant can start to grow straight away and your plant will get maximum growth in its first year. We would recommend the following planting procedure.

Do prepare the ground well. Remember you do this only once so it is worth doing well.

Do buy from reputable sources. Remember the root system is the most important part of the plant. You are looking for lots of fibrous roots rather than two or three big anchor roots.

Do stake bare-root trees. Winds will rock your tree making it unstable in the ground.

Do water in your plants. This will help your plants to settle quickly removing any air pockets that may excite.

Do plant as soon as you can. The ground is still warm so the plant can establish itself quickly.

Do water well next spring and summer if we get dry spell.

Do check with your garden centre that the plants you like are suitable for you, is your soil heavy? Windswept? Are you in a frost pocket?

Do look at neighbours garden. What is growing well in your area?


Now is the perfect time to cut down old stems in the herbaceous border. Be careful not to damage any new growth. Tidy up around the base of perennials so they are ready to go once spring comes.

You can plant bare-root roses now in a sunny position for spectacular summer colour. We now have a full selection of roses in stock. Call in and see for yourself.


Begin pruning your apple and pear trees this is best done whilst they are still dormant. Leave plums, cherries and apricots unpruned until the summer as pruning these fruit trees now will make them susceptible to silver leave infection. You can prune your soft fruits now such as blackcurrants; gooseberries and redcurrants this will help maintain a good crop later on. Try forcing your rhubarb plants by covering the crown with an upturned bucket, this will force tender pink stems to grow and stems will be ready for harvest in about 8 weeks.


Now is the time to sprout seed potatoes stand them on end in a tray or egg box and place in a bright cool frost-free place. Plan your vegetable garden, order seeds and have greenhouse ready for sowing time. Wash out all seed trays and pots with hot water and a mild detergent to prevent diseases. Check dahlia and begonia tubers in storage and remove any that are showing signs of rotting.


Shred your Christmas tree and add it to compost bin. Get rid of moss and algae from your patio and paths we recommend moss buster, which is available in our garden centre. Remember to keep your bird feeders topped up.

Sep 202011

Welcome to Dunnes Garden Centre. We are pleased to offer you our new online catalogue. Our promise has always been to provide you the customer with the best possible plant at the most reasonable price. We hope that you can take a few minutes to study through our wide and varied selection of plants. It could be one of the best investments you make all year.

Our ornamental tree section offers a variety of trees in smaller and larger sizes both field grown and in containers. Our value and quality in trees remains as consistent as ever. Also check out our fantastic value and range of hardy nursery stock, fruit trees, hedging, and of course our excellent field grown conifers which remain unbeatable for quality and price.

We encourage as many of our customers as possible to visit Dunnes Garden Centre outside Durrow and to see first hand the quality and value we offer as well as our wide and varied selection of plants, trees, seasonal bedding and general garden supplies.

Also, in addition to the varieties listed, we have many more plants available in smaller numbers. Please feel free to request any plant and we will do our utmost to obtain it for you through our vast network of sources. We thank you for your past support and we extend a special welcome to new customers.

Yours Sincerely,

Patrick Dunne, Dunnes Garden Centre.